Violett attends the ADG Awards in Los Angeles

Violett attends the ADG Awards in Los Angeles

21 HQ photos of Violett at the 21st Annual Art Directors Guild Awards in Los Angeles last night (February 11th) have been added to the gallery, along with her instagram stories from last night! She looked beautiful, check the photos out below!




The Flash vs. Gorilla City! Violett Beane Previews Speedsters’ Wild Rescue Plan

The Flash vs. Gorilla City! Violett Beane Previews Speedsters’ Wild Rescue Plan

“Grodd. He’s got my dad! And he has him in Gorilla City!”

With those words, dropped at the end of the Feb. 7 episode of The CW’s The Flash, Jesse Wells set in motion an adventure that will transport Barry & Co. back to Earth-Two, where things are gonna be a bit… bananas.

Setting the stage for the two-parter, which launches Tuesday, Feb. 21 with the episode “Attack on Gorilla City,” returning guest star Violett Beane tells TVLine, “Jesse’s dad got a message from some of the sentient gorillas, who asked to meet him — as gorillas do — and you know Harry, he loves an adventure. So he mounted an expedition and took 10 people into the forest with him.”

Harry, though, has since turned up missing, “and that’s why Jesse comes to Earth-One in such a panic,” says her portrayer. “She is very scared for her father, so the team starts to help her find him.”

While Jesse and Wally stay back to keep Earth-One safe from a looming threat, Barry — with Caitlin, Cisco and Julian in tow — makes tracks for Earth-Two, where Gorilla City incarcerations, warring ape factions and other kinds of drama await them. “It’s going to be pretty massive,” Beane says of the multiverse arc. “There’s a battle between Grodd and his own gorilla friends,” sparked by a power play by Solovar, a sentient ape voiced by Keith David. “There’s a stampede, and there’s a huge gorilla fight towards the end of the first episode,” in an unexpected location.

(Speaking of locations, a fun fact: Beane shares that a relentless Vancouver snowfall forced filming of the Gorilla City scenes to be moved south of the original site. After all, “You can’t really have a jungle with snow in it!”)

Prior to Harry’s ape-napping, The Flashrecently minted speedster Jesse “was kicking butt on Earth-Two,” Beane reports, “but she’s happy to be back. Maybe not under these circumstances, but she’s very happy to see Wally.” In the midst of about as long-distance a relationship as two teens could endure, “There’s always that moment of, “Are we still…?’” says the actress. “But ultimately they really missed each other a lot. There are some cute scenes.”

There’s also the matter of Jesse meeting her father’s Earth-19 doppelganger, H.R Wells. “That’s one of the first moments in the next episode, where Jesse is like, ‘Oh my God! Oh wait, you’re not my dad,’” Beane previews. And with Harry MIA for the time being, H.R. may even aspire to play ersatz pop to Miss Quick. “There is a bit of that,” says the actress with a laugh. “At least, he tries.”


The Flash, 3×12 – Untouchable Screencaptures

The Flash, 3×12 – Untouchable Screencaptures

Jesse made a small appearance on The Flash last night leading up to the next episode! It was so great to see her again. HQ screencaptures have been added to the gallery, check them out below!

Television > The Flash (2015 – ) > Season 3 > Screencaptures > 3×12 – Untouchable

Violett attends the Premiere of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ in Los Angeles

100+ HQ photos of Violett attending the Premiere of ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ in Los Angeles last night (February 2nd) have been added to the gallery! She looked absolutely stunning, check out the photos below!

Appearances & Events > 2017 > 02.02 – Premiere Of Universal Pictures’ ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, Los Angeles

Huge Gallery Update!

Check out the gallery for even more photos!

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The Flash Spoilers: “Attack on Gorilla City”

The Flash Spoilers: “Attack on Gorilla City”

The February 21 episode of The Flash is called “Attack on Gorilla City” and Harry and Jesse are back!
Here’s the write-up for the episode complete with some new Flash spoilers:

BARRY AND TEAM TRAVEL TO GORILLA CITY AND FACE GRODD – When Jesse Quick (guest star Violett Beane) informs the team that her father (Tom Cavanagh) has been abducted, Barry (Grant Gustin), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Julian (Tom Felton) voyage to Earth-2 on a rescue mission to save Harry from Gorilla City. As they trek through the forest, Barry and the team are immediately captured and brought to Grodd (voiced by David Sobolov). Grodd tells them he needs their help to stop Solovar (voiced by Keith David), the leader of Gorilla City, as Solovar wants to invade Earth-1. Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Jesse and Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) hit the streets to stop a metahuman that can control gravity, with H.R. and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) guiding them from S.T.A.R Labs. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Andrew Kresiberg and teleplay by Aaron Helbing & David Kob (FLA313). Original airdate 2/21/2017.


Violett for Resident Magazine

10 new photos from Violett’s photoshoot with Evan Guttman for Resident Magazine have now been added to the gallery. Check them out below!

Photoshoots > 2016 > #10 – Evan Guttman (Resident Magazine)

Welcome to Violett Beane Online!

Welcome to Violett Beane Online!

Violett Beane Online is now live! We are your first and biggest source dedicated to news and photos for the actress best known for her roles as Jesse Quick on The Flash and as Taylor on The Leftovers. Make sure to check back frequently for news and gallery updates!

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Violett via Instagram


violettbeane We all have a voice. Let’s use it to help fight for the policies we want put in place and the rights we want to keep sharing with everyone. Our future can be one filled with love, understanding, and compassion, but only if we all come together to make it so. Pay attention to the way you talk (and think) about people who look and seem different from yourself. Love people FOR their differences not despite them.
I’m guilty of saying some negative things to and about people during this election, and for that I’m sorry. I preach words of sharing love and embracing differences, and I’m not following that by generalizing groups of people. But we also can’t deny that if you’re willing to ignore, look past or “be okay” with someone making racist and sexist comments, that says something about you. You might not even realize it, but that is enabling and sharing those beliefs, and you’re the people I’m trying to reach.
Please I beg you to really think about the way you treat people, and never hold yourself above others.

Photo by @evanwashere Ring is @davidyurman

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The Flash 2×15 – King Shark Screencaptures

The Flash 2×15 – King Shark Screencaptures

I’ve added 523 screencaptures of Violett in episode 2×15 of The Flash, make sure to check them out below.

Television > The Flash (2015 – ) > Season 2 > Screencaptures > 2×15 – King Shark